About Samsonite

About Samsonite
Samsonite : a brand on the move.
When Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite in 1910, travel was reserved for only an exclusive few, those who had the means to see the world. Given this exclusiveness, travel was a high quality experience from the transportation, to the attention to service, to even the accessories used to carry one’s belongings. As one of the original brands in travel, Samsonite has continued to leverage its craftsmanship and heritage as an innovator for the past 100 years, to create stylish and high quality solutions for the world traveller.

Today, Samsonite continues to lead the Travel Category with the same core principles, further expanding Shwayder’s vision globally with design and innovation into product categories and consumer targets.
Vision : To become one of the world’s most highly regarded premium lifestyle travel brands.
Samsonite Group is one of the world's largest and most recognized designers and distributors in the luggage industry.
With a rich heritage that includes nearly a century in business, Samsonite has a proud tradition of developing innovative, high-quality products that integrate style, functionality and design technology to meet the changing lifestyle needs of people on the move.
Samsonite's tagline – 'Life's a Journey' – embodies the brand's belief and vision, symbolizing the role Samsonite has in the multi-faceted lives of travelers.

The Samsonite brand was born in 1910 when founder Jesse Shwayder began producing luggage for turn-of-the-century travelers – a small and affluent group who appreciated the Company's unique, durable and finely crafted products. As travel evolved into a mainstream activity, Samsonite's product mix evolved with it, growing to encompass a diverse range of items for a host of travel needs. Along the way, Samsonite continued to anticipate and fulfill the changing requirements of travelers by introducing a string of "firsts", including the first matching luggage sets, the first lightweight luggage and the first wheeled suitcases, to name just a few.

Samsonite's ability to perceive and adapt to the changing needs of travelers has made the brand a leading authority for people on the move, throughout the years. From the roaring twenties, the Depression era, WWII, the rise of the jet age, the exciting sixties and beyond, Samsonite has continued to transform the travel industry through its rich brand history.

Today, the global travel industry continues to grow, and Samsonite continues to lead through the continuous introduction of innovative technologies, materials and design concepts, which we market through some of the most recognized brand names in the world. And while each of our brands is specifically focused on its own clearly defined customer group, every product we create continues to embody the same values on which Samsonite was founded – high quality, fine craftsmanship, exceptional reliability and enduring style.
Samsonite Business Strategy
Samsonite is pursuing several strategic initiatives designed to capitalise on our underlying business strengths, grow and diversify our revenue stream, improve our profitability and our cash flow generation and enhance the resiliency of our business. Key elements of our business development strategies include:
  • Introducing a stream of innovative and contemporary products into the market;
  • Strengthening support behind our brand and product marketing and advertising;
  • Expanding our retail distribution platform;
  • Pursuing expansion opportunities in high-growth geographic markets;
  • Exploiting new business opportunities;
  • Continuing to improve operating efficiencies and cash flow generation.
  • Samsonite in 1910
    Early travel was an adventure into the unknown.Our fiunder, jesses Shwaydr, set out to produce uncommonly well-made trunks that would stand up to the rigors and challenges of early travel
  • Samsonite in 1920
    Introduced the first affordable, coordinated lugage
  • Samsonite in 1930
    During the 30's Shwayder Bros, used national magazine advertising to help publicise their products.
  • Samsonite in 1940
    Just before the United States wento to war, jesse Shwayder introduced a new style of luggage, Samonite Streamline.
  • Samsonite in 1950
    The introduction of Silhouette, the most advanced luggage made up to that time, included a new, modern shape and its harware was recessed to Protect from banging and the wear & tear that all luggage recieves.
  • Samsonite in 1960
    All travel libirated millions of people as the world started to travel for business & pleasure. executive better than his Samsonite Classoc Attacje case
  • Samsonite in 1970
    The first polypropylene case whose structure was supported by injection moulded shells. This revolutionary design becomes the most widley accepted way to produced modern hardside luggage.
  • Samsonite in 1980
    Samsonite develops the award-winning Oyster case, as a response to the demand for lightweight hardside. Oyster was the point first case with a 3point locking system and would soon become the fastest selling Suitcase of all time
  • Samsonite in 1990
    The 90's into the early 2000, was the period when Samsonite introduced the 'piggyback' system on a suitcase, big wheel upright and ultimately the 4 wheel Spinner for easy and smoother manoeuvrability.
  • Samsonite in 2000
    Samsonite Blwk Label iedfines fine travel pods Blwk label stores begin to open in fashion capitals 2007 sax, the launch of the Black Label by Alexander McQueen
  • Samsonite in 2010
    Samsonite recognises lightweight & well designed luggage being important virtues of modern day travellers. Samsonite introduces our Strongest and Lightest collection, Cosmolite, utilising the revolutionary Curv technology.
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