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    Laptop Backpack

    Samsonite provides plenty of options in its backpack range; choose the backpack that is most comfortable to you, from our array of bags that includes casual backpacks, laptop backpacks and rucksacks. To buy backpacks online in India visit our official retailer –

    The Samsonite backpack collection comes in a range of styles that incorporates sophistication and usability. Our durability and original design appeals to customers. The designs for the backpacks are innovative and suited for all occasions, allowing you to move seamlessly from casual to formal settings.

    Our backpacks are both functional and stylish, featuring contoured straps with extra padding for comfort. Tech-friendly features and modern design provide easy organisation for all your things, together with the legendary Samsonite durability. Our backpacks are fully featured and lightweight, yet strong and resistant to wear and tear, suitable for a business traveller’s requirements. Latest shoulder strap comfort technology and intelligent use of space make our backpacks feature-rich. Comfort, style and durability are all packed into one backpack to take you through the day.

    When you shop for backpacks online, look for one that can not only carry all the things you need, but also maximizes your comfort as you are on the move. It is important that the backpack doesn’t put undue pressure on your back, shoulders and spine. Samsonite’s backpack range is ergonomically designed to help you maintain a healthy posture. All our backpacks come with dry-fit meshes to allow you to remain cool and comfortable even as you carry your backpack through the day. Our large travel and hiking backpacks are made of sturdy, durable material. Our laptop backpacks also come with specialised compartments for your laptop, iPad and documents, to organize all your items neatly.

    What sets Samsonite apart from other backpacks that you shop for online is that they come with the guarantee and standards of the Samsonite brand that has provided high quality travel solutions across the world for over 100 years.

    Samsonite backpacks are sure to suit your individual lifestyle and identity—the bag from Samsonite is not ‘just a backpack’ but a personal statement.