Where are you from?


If you’re an avid traveler, you’ve probably been asked this question many times; but the answer may not be that simple. Sure, you could mention the country of your birth, or maybe a different country where you hold citizenship. Maybe you spent most of your life in another country as an expat.

The reality for many travelers though, is that we don’t belong to any one country or culture. Our experience of the world stretches far beyond international borders and cultures.

George Clooney summed it up pretty well in his movie ‘Up In The Air’. When confronted with the question during a flight, he responds “I’m from here.” Simple, yet profound, it is a sentiment many of us share.

The lines are blurred. Just as the first astronauts to see the world from space, we don’t see the world as a collection of countries, but as one giant, connected organism. In the end, we’re all in this together, and that perspective becomes evident the more you travel.

Pollution, disease, or climate change from one country spreads all over the world and affects everyone. It isn’t enough to only worry about oneself and your own well-being. We have to be a global co-operative society to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

We’re not an American company, or an Indian company; we’re from here. Where are you from?

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