Did you watch the fabulous FIFA Opening Ceremony?

FIFA World Cup 2014

It’s been a long time coming as we, dedicated fans of the beautiful game, waited up last night to watch the bombastic FIFA opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup. It is an emotional event for many, as it carries more than a nation’s pride, but the hopes and dreams of people all over the world.

Nothing quite brings the world together like the World Cup. Hundreds of millions of people in every country from dense cosmopolitan cities to rural farmlands tune in to this global spectacle. Besides those gargantuan numbers though, the game means a lot more in everyone’s hearts.

We grew up watching our favorite stars play, risking everything, being the best that they could be, to bring honor to their communities. It is a story of will and fraternity overcoming hurdles and obstacles to perfect a love that brings the world together.

The vibrant burst of colors and waves of cheering in the opening ceremony are a testament to the power of unity. As Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez sang, the anthem goes, “We Are One”, celebrating the joy and happiness we can release into the world when come together under a collective voice.

Whether you support Brazil, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Germany, the Netherlands, or any of the other teams, one thing we all support is a love for this beautiful game. We hope to see that love spread contagiously throughout the games and touch the lives of everyone.

  1. Deepak Acharya

    It was memorable as well as fabulous. :)

    • Samsonite

      True, Deepak Acharya!
      So which team have you been rooting for?

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