Luxury Aficionado

Luxury Aficionado

You touch down in London for a weekend, where will you be staying? The question might seem simple enough, but your response can say a lot about you.

If you were perhaps staying at the Savoy, it hints that you are a traditional type. You prefer to call rather than text. You lay your vintage Samsonite on the Egyptian cotton sheets before heading to the bar for a single malt whiskey accompanied with your favorite cigar. Your idea of a night on the town is probably riding in the back of a Rolls Royce to the opera.

Maybe you’re not the Savoy type though. Maybe you want the top suite at the new Shard. If this was your choice, then you’re the modern type. Life isn’t about comfort for you, but rather excitement. You take your sharp suit out of your brand new Cosmolite and hop in that new Lamborghini for the latest EDM concert. Vodka suits you right, and you don’t smoke (at least that’s what you tell people).

Whichever type you are, the world caters to your every desire. In every major city you are sure to find someplace that fits you perfectly. What’s more is when you decide to take a trip anywhere; you know that the perfect Samsonite is accompanying you too.

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