FIFA WC Fever: The Dutch & The Deutch

FIFA WC 2014 Updates

Whether your favorite team is winning or not, everyone can admit that the games till now have been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve witnessed some of the best teams brought to their knees, and some of the underdogs rise to the occasion as the  FIFA WC Fever continues to rise up.

Spain, the current holder of the title was absolutely humiliated by the Netherlands in an utter spectacle that nobody expected. Switzerland played a nail-biting battle with Ecuador and managed to come out on top. Tiny Costa Rica, in a modern day David versus Goliath took down the mighty Uruguay.

Even the US, a country where football is usually played with hands, not feet, managed to secure a win against Ghana, a formidable opponent. The embarrassment continues with the cousins, Brazil & Portugal. These football juggernauts with their lineup of superstars have struggled to make their presence felt. Portugal lost 4 – 0 to Germany, and Brazil tied 0 – 0 with Mexico thanks to an amazing save by the Mexican goalie.

Germany and the Netherlands have blown past their opponents with a pantomime show of strength to become the favored contenders in this Fifa WC. Will the final be a battle of the Dutch & the Deutch, or will the former legends regain their strength to fight once again and win?

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