The Quintessential Global Cities No. 13: Toronto

Global City No 13. Toronto

If your appetite for risk has been put off by the last recession, it may feel as though there is no place for you in the investment world. However, our next global city, Toronto, might be just the right place for you.

Everyone is playing high stakes in the global market. Fortunes are being created and destroyed every day. While many countries suffered, Canada’s economy was hardly affected by the last financial crisis. It has become home to the richest middle-class in the world with its financial capital Toronto experiencing stable year-on-year growth.

How is this possible? Well, Canada is sparsely populated and is the second largest country on earth. It is home to a wealth of resources from oil sands to timber. While natural resources aren’t always a guarantee of prosperity, Canada also has an extremely stable political climate with Queen Elizabeth as the reigning monarch.

Toronto, which offers the most moderate climate in the country, is also located just a stone’s throw from the United States, making it an ideal hub for trading across borders. It attracts foreign investment from all over the world from people looking to keep their money safe. A high standard of living and quality of life also means that people flock to live in this city, driving up real estate prices and encouraging growth.

As an added bonus, Toronto is experiencing a cultural revolution thanks to a wide variety of immigrants from all over the world. People are pouring into this melting pot, bringing tasty foods and interesting traditions with them.
If you’re ready to take a break from the craziness and just enjoy life, you might want to give Toronto a try.

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