FIFA WC Fever: World Cup – Upside Down

FIFA WC Fever 2014

If you bet a hefty sum on World Cup results, you might be either incredibly overjoyed or depressed. Even those who expected the unexpected didn’t expect this. Everything we know about football is being turned upside down.

After a strong start, it seems as though Germany is losing a little steam tying 2-2 with Ghana, a team the US was able to beat. The Netherlands are also slowing down a bit by narrowly winning 3-2 against Australia. Even Argentina, armed with Lionel Messi, barely scraped by with a victory against Iran.

Tiny Costa Rica has yet managed to triumph again, this time bringing the mighty Italy to its knees. England is already out, and it seems like Italy will be following. Algeria on the other hand has shown a stellar performance securing a 4-2 win against Korea.

One nation in particular seems to be rewriting the rules. The United States doesn’t have a strong football tradition, but they’ve made an effort to change in recent years. They snagged David Beckham to help train their players. This investment seems to be paying off a lot considering they held down Portugal with its star Cristiano Ronaldo.

This year, we may need more than an octopus to predict the results. We may not know what will happen next, but we can be assured it’s going to be an intense and crazy ride.

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