Business Travel

The Quintessential Business Traveller

Business or Leisure? We’ve all been asked that at immigration. Why not both? Business travellers often travel out of necessity, which seems to contrast with leisure travel. We’ve heard
Samsonite India

Luxury Aficionado

You touch down in London for a weekend, where will you be staying? The question might seem simple enough, but your response can say a lot about you. If
Fifa Fever

Did you watch the fabulous FIFA Opening Ceremony?

It’s been a long time coming as we, dedicated fans of the beautiful game, waited up last night to watch the bombastic FIFA opening ceremony of the 2014 World
Fifa Fever

FIFA World Cup Fever: Five Luxury Brazilian Resorts

In South America, many resorts have taken advantage of Brazil’s natural beauty, creating holiday getaways that are unrivalled in beauty and extravagance. In celebration of the FIFA World Cup,

Where are you from?

If you’re an avid traveler, you’ve probably been asked this question many times; but the answer may not be that simple. Sure, you could mention the country of your