The Quintessential Business Traveller: Aloke Bajpai

Aloke Bajpai
For our latest installment of The Quintessential Business Traveller series we interviewed Aloke Bajpai, CEO and co-founder of iXiGO. Read on to know more about his travels…

1) What are the 3 life mantras that you swear by?

1. Pay it forward – Be generous to people, share your knowledge, and help others fulfil their goals whichever way you can. Because that’s how you got to where you are too.
2. Stay hungry, Stay foolish – Always maintain a curious mind, keep learning, keep questioning the status quo. That’s the only way to keep growing as a person.
3. Never give up – When the times are hard and the chips are down, it is human tendency to give up. One should understand what is failing and pivot fast in order to persevere and eventually succeed.

2) What was your inspiration behind ixigo?

As travelers, my co-founder Rajnish and I had spent countless hours searching and comparing prices for flight tickets and hotel reservations on many different travel websites. We thought, why can’t we create a travel site that helps travelers sift through all the travel options, prices and content at one place, and help save them time and money. That’s how we came up with ixigo.

3) What according to you is the biggest benefit of a start-up & what is the biggest drawback?

The best part about being a startup is that you can create an environment for inclusive growth and offer flexibility and freedom to your employees so that they can be more creative and agile. At a personal level you learn to take risks, you become good at spotting opportunities and working with limited resources, and above all you can give back to the community.

4) What is it about travel that inspires you?

I have always had a keen interest in culture, languages and history and what better than travel to quench your quest. Travelling gives you the opportunity to explore places like a local in order to get the most authentic experience, and allows one to soak in the sights, sounds, smells and local culture of wherever you go. I am also a foodie and love to take a dive into the pool or read a good book, depending on the weather.

5) What’s on your travel bucket list for 2014?

My wife and I have always wanted to visit Hong Kong and Turkey. We will go to at least one of these places this year, if not both.

6) Share an interesting travel experience that you’ve faced while travelling on business

I once ran into an Iranian businessman at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. We had both missed our flights. His idea of killing the time we had was to rent a taxi to the heart of Paris (Place de l’opera), have some coffee at a well renowned cafe there and head back. It wasn’t a bad idea actually :).

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