The Quintessential Global Cities No. 10: Washington DC

Washington D.C.
This stop on our tour of the world’s global cities brings us to Washington DC, commonly just referred to as DC to avoid confusion with the state of Washington. It is the only independent city in the US, and home to the nation’s capital, a couple of historic landmarks, a lot of politicians, swarms of lobbyists, and other service related people in the business of keeping the country running.
Since it serves as the head of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government, DC has a lot of clout. Several of the world’s largest law, consulting, and financial services firms have a base here, and the city is also popular amongst NGOs seeking political alliances to further their goals.
It is a small city; nowhere near the size of other national capitals like London, but what sets it apart is the country it runs. The United States government is one of the largest spenders on the planet, particularly when concerned with its military. Government contracts run in billions of dollars; thus attracting companies in energy, aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing fields all lining up to lobby politicians to win those contracts.
This concentration of political and economic clout also makes DC a press hub. Several national news networks, journalists, and publishing houses are based within the city to disseminate news all over the country and rest of the world.
It is unclear how the future economic shifts will influence Washington DC’s future, but for now it is still one of the global heavyweights clocking in at 10th place in our countdown of the world’s global cities.

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