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FIFA Quarter-Finals 2014 Updates
After a grueling round of knockout matches between the top 16, the final eight teams that will compete in the quarter finals of FIFA WC-2014 have been selected. The teams that have progressed towards the quarterfinals are hosts Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Argentina and Belgium.

We witnessed some tense and exciting moments during the clash of the top 16. The added bonus of extra-time and penalty shoot-outs managed to make every football freak’s heart skip more than a couple of beats.

The 1st game of the knockout stage was kicked off by the hosts Brazil against a confident team Chile, whose defense tactics put the Brazilians in a tight spot. The match ended with a dramatic shootout round where the Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar emerged as the hero by leading his team to victory.

Uruguay, sans Luis Suarez, were lackluster in attack but the unstoppable Colombia scored 2 goals against the former’s nil. Mexico was unfortunate to get eliminated at this stage yet again, as the Dutch scored a last minute penalty and scraped through.

Algeria and Germany played one of the tensest matches of the tournament which kept viewers on the edge of their seats till the final whistle was blown. Though Algerians threatened to defeat the 3-time champions with their strong attacks, both the teams failed to score until extra time. An unexpected goal by Andre Schurrle, connecting with a low cross from Thomas Müller, along with Mesut Özil’s goal in the 118th minute sealed Germany’s victory.

Argentina performed averagely against a resilient Swiss team which tried its best to deflect the opposition’s shots as well as surround Lionel Messi whenever he possessed the ball. Angel Di Maria finally managed to score with the help of Messi’s dribble that secured Argentina’s spot in the quarter finals. The United States were eliminated as they failed to counter-attack the Belgian team’s efforts to score.

The quarter finals begin tomorrow with a high level of unpredictability infused in it. Get ready to buckle up as this journey is filled never-before-seen surprises!

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