The Quintessential Global City No. 7: Chicago – Samsonite India

Quintessential Global Cities No. 7 Chicago What would our modern cities look like if not for Chicago? Well, they wouldn’t be very tall, and they’d probably be a lot different than they are now. Chicago is the home of the skyscraper. This is where the concept was invented and where the first skyscraper was built in 1885. It revolutionized the way cities were built and changed urban life forever. Since the early 20th century Chicago was a cultural capital of the United States. Jazz, blues, soul and even house music all originated in Chicago. It is home to many famous museums and theatres, and has contributed heavily to visual arts, novels, and films. Chicago is a popular tourist destination with its airport being the second busiest in the world. It also has the most highways and freight railroads in the country, making it one of the premiere trading hubs in the United States. With 29 Fortune 500 companies based in the city, Chicago is the primary logistics and distribution centers of the country. This ability has also driven the growth of the manufacturing, printing, publishing, insurance and food processing industries which rely on the city’s infrastructure to run their supply and delivery systems. As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago’s high standard of living and diverse melting pot of cultures ensures it will be at the center of future developments in the country. It has weathered many storms, and it looks like nothing can shake the ‘windy city’. Global Cities No. 7 Chicago Ideal for a business trip to Chicago would be the Air Viz Plus laptop bag to ensure that your Laptop is well protected while at the same time you could pack in some extra things! You could buy the Air Viz Plus laptop bag on Bagzone.

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