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FIFA World Cup Fever 2014

Historic, unfathomable, baffling, extraordinary & shocking are some of the words that will flood your mind while thinking about the events that took place in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2014.

The face-off between Brazil & Germany in the 1st semi-final match ended with a flood of tears for the former and a stunning entry into the finals for the German team. Joachim Löw’s squad thrashed the host nation’s hopes of winning the cup with 7 astounding goals as compared to just 1 goal by Brazil.

The 1st scare for the Brazilians was when Muller scored the 1st goal in the 11th minute. Miroslav Klose initiated the German avalanche of goals and also became the top goal-scorer in the history of FIFA World Cup. Kroos followed soon after with 2 more goals and Germany was leading with 4 goals within 6 minutes, after which there was Khedira’s goal in the 29th minute. The German attack left the host nation dumbfounded and their fans hoping for a miracle in the 2nd half.

In the 2nd half Brazil, though crestfallen, tried their best to score some shots which were effectively prevented by the German goalkeeper-Manuel Neur. As André Schürrle scored 2 more goals, Brazil’s fate was sealed, even though they scraped in a single score. It is indeed ironic that Germany now holds the record for the most number of World Cup goals of all-time, taking them above none other than Brazil.

In the 2nd round of semis, Argentina faced Netherlands head to head, in a match that lacked action when compared to the one before. Though the Argentina supporters expected magic from Messi, he was not given a chance by the opposition who guarded him throughout. RVP and Robben were seen keeping the ball away from him at all times. With no trace of goals despite many attempts from both the sides in 120 minutes, Argentina triumphed in the penalty shootouts with goals scored by the mighty Messi, Garay, Aguero, and Rodriguez. They avenged the Oranje and paved their way to the finals with much fanfare in the extra time.

It has been a dream run for both the teams-Germany as well as Argentina in this tournament. After appearing in the semi-finals for 4 times consistently, will Germany finally win the cup this year or will Messi and his team, emerge as the stars? Wait & watch as the final battle begins!

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