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Varun Sheth, CEO of Ketto

For our latest installment of The Quintessential Business Traveller series we interviewed Varun Sheth, CEO and co-founder of Ketto. Read on to know more about his travels…

1) How did Ketto come into being?

The social space has always been of interest to me and being a seasoned finance professional, the thought always was how I could marry those two concepts and that’s when the idea of using the internet as a platform to raise funds for social causes came by. The thought came across while I was attending a TED conference.

 2) What was the motivation behind starting Ketto?

In my primary research I saw fund-raising as a major challenge for NGOs. It was a extremely costly and time consuming process. I wanted to help NGOs solve that problem which would just increase their efficiency and increase value for donors as a higher percentage of their funds would go to the cause

3) What is it about travel that inspires you?

Its the interaction and engagement between different cultures that really excites me. On how people from different parts of the world view things in their own unique way is really interesting to know

4) What are the three things you always travel with?

Phone, Wallet and sunglasses

5) What’s on your travel bucket list for 2014?

Brazil, Argentina and hopefully some more parts of South America

6) Share an interesting travel story/memory with us…

I was in Boston a few months back for work and luckily it was during the St Patty’s weekend. Boston is known as the best place in the world to be in given its strong Irish roots. The parade, events was something I had never seen. The whole city was green and everyone was on the streets celebrating it the whole weekend. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you plan to be in Boston around the 2 week of March.

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