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Hong Kong - Quintessential
Global City No. 5

If you’re a multi-millionaire you may be able to afford a lot of things from luxury cars to Michelin star restaurants and first class flying. However, it’s unlikely you’d be able to live on the most expensive street in the world. If you did, you’d probably have to give up all the other trappings of the good life.

Where is this mythical land of super real estate? It’s not London or New York, but Hong Kong. Real estate prices on Hong Kong’s Severn Road will run you up about US$78,200 a square meter. Hailed as the most expensive street, you do get a lot of value for your money, including stunning views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s famous skyline.

In Hong Kong, there’s no land left to build on. The only option is to build up toward the sky. Thanks to a potential market of a billion people next door clamouring to get in, prices are set to keep going up.

You’d be putting yourself in the centre of business by moving here. Let’s not forget that Hong Kong sits on the tip of the Chinese financial juggernaut and is surrounded by the Pearl River Economic Area which is a manufacturing hub for the entire world.

Hong Kong’s markets are as robust as ever as focus shifts eastward. Low taxes and lax regulation also make it an attractive spot for individuals looking to protect their assets. Couple that with a thriving fusion food scene and you’ve got yourself an ideal destination for the discerning businessman.

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