Five Must-Visit Flea Markets in Goa

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Goa is full of wonders and surprises, with each day offering a new adventure and a new picturesque sunset sky. It is the most loved tourist spot for Russian and European hippies, Indian tourists, package-holiday Brits and Americans, and young backpackers in search of a bargain. If you ever tire of getting sun soaked at the beach, it’s time to scour local thrift stores for authentic food and traditional artefacts. As Goa is primarily known for its picturesque beaches, the flea markets are set right on the beach to attract tourists. Here are the best markets to explore:

Anjuna Flea Market

Held every Wednesday, the extremely lively flea market at Anjuna Beach is a haven for bohemian fashion lovers and tourists. It was started back in the late 1960s by some European hippies to earn money by selling small articles as part of a barter system. The Anjuna flea market showcases handicrafts and wooden wares from Tibetan artists, beautiful wall hangings, posh beach frocks made from saris, Kashmiri decor, and much more. Whether you wish to take a colourful souvenir home or are looking for quirky artificial jewellery, this flea market will bode well with all kinds of tourists.

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Saturday Night Bazaar, Arpora

Take your eyes away from the vibrant North Goa beaches, and you’ll find the Saturday Night Market at Arpora. This flea market comes alive every Saturday from 6 pm to midnight, allowing you to explore the dusk Goa after spending long beach hours under the sun. The offerings of the stalls range from bohemian dresses and skirts, shoes, and bags to handicrafts, trinkets, leather accessories, among other things. Displaying a fusion of both local and international designers, you can shop for Pashmina shawls, spices and accessories, all with a glass of beer or wine in your hand! And if shopping doesn’t catch your fancy, there are plenty of live music performances to keep you entertained for hours.

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Mapusa Market

Located near the Mapusa Bus Depot, the flea market opens every morning at 8 am. It presents an array of stalls that sell fresh food for locals as well as souvenirs, handicrafts, spices and herbs for tourists. The market has a well-organized layout with separate sections for both; food and traditional decor, clothes, and jewellery. If you wish to take back Goan specialties for friends and family, then you’re at the right place. Some of the famous delicacies include port wine, cashew nuts, along with some traditional sweet treats like Dodol, bibink, dost (gram floor), to name a few.

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Calangute Bazaar

The Calangute Bazaar is lined with little shops along the beach that sell colourful silk and cotton garments,  beautiful hand-made figurines made of raw wood, and lots more. The market features an array of funky metallic jewellery, that’s expertly hand crafted from silver, bronze and even wood. Another famous market to interest shoppers is the Tibetan Market, that can lure art lovers with its exquisite range of carpets and jewellery.

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