The 5 Best Islands In Europe


Europe is known for its glitzy and colourful beach life but there’s plenty more to see. We are of course talking of the rich history-the magnificent landscapes of old palaces, churches, temples, and more. Read on to uncover serene islands where every beach has a story, maybe even a spooky secret.

Sardinia, Italy


This Mediterranean island is famous for its dreamy beaches; the sand is pristine white and the sea the bluest blue. The hillside getaways are definitely worth a visit, but there is an interesting history here too—from Bronze-Age and Roman settlements to Romanesque churches. Take a speed boat and go kayaking or visit Cala Luna’s unique crescent-shaped bay. For adventure, there’s always the Tiscali’s Nuraghic ruins where can climb the spidery limestone caves.



Every tourist beach cliché you can think of, Menorca does a pretty good impression. With nothing but glistening sand in sink your feet in and picturesque turquoise waters, the beaches are sure to be on every nature lover’s bucket list. Among the best are Pregonda, which is perfect for snorkelling and diving, and Cala Macarella, for a restful picnic in a sheltered cove backed by pine trees and eerie oaks.

Ibiza, Spain


With its stylish nightclubs and beautiful coastlines, party animals flock to the island to celebrate New Year, honeymoons and other festivities. Apart from enjoying the entertaining nightlife, you can explore the beautiful beaches with cerulean waters and buzzing towns with palm-tree-lined avenues, such as Ibiza Old Town. Ibiza is also home to the picturesque Cala D’Hort island, which offers mesmerising views of the volcano-shaped Es Vedra rock. Carry your favourite book and sit back and relax with a fruity cocktail.

Spetses, Greece


This tiny, traditional Saronic island takes you back to another era where people travel by horse-drawn carriages and bicycles as cars are banned. Apart from the pristine beaches, you can take strolls down marina bays and explore chateaus and artful villages that impress the eye with ancient and unique architecture.



Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and has a fascinating mix of Greek temples, Norman churches and Baroque palazzos. Here, sightseeing involves a combination of history, a refreshing climate and a vibrant contemporary shopping scene that gives this island of wine, citrus fruits and ancient landscapes complete all-year-round appeal.

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