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    Duffle bags have always been an essential overnight item, the ever-present partner of weekend trips or getaways. With duffle bags, you can pack spontaneously-- simply stuff your clothes in the bag, sling it over your shoulder, and get going. Traditionally, Duffle bags have always been carried over the shoulder, however as overnight stays became longer and more frequent, duffle bags became bulkier. As with the evolution of all luggage, Samsonite has continued to innovate in its designs for duffle bags, keeping in mind the needs of its modern, on-the-go clientele.

    Now you can travel in effortless style when you carry one of Samsonite's duffle bags in exclusive designs. The new age duffle bags from Samsonite give you the comfort of packing as you wish, but provide you with a sophisticated and put together look whether traveling on a weekend business trip or family vacation. Samsonite’s duffle bags are diverse, available in all sizes and materials ranging from polyester to leather. Intelligently designed, Samsonite also offers wheeled duffle bag versions, providing the versatility of a duffle bag with the convenient ease of a rolling tote. Wheeled duffle bags from Samsonite are a solo travelers dream come true, allowing you to easily carry your belongings through airport transit.

    Samsonite’s duffle bags are lightweight, with one spacious compartment. Various designs of duffle bags have well-placed front and side pockets for added organization. In keeping with Samsonite’s promise of comfortable travel for all its products, Samsonite duffle bags are equipped with comfortable paddled handles, legs, adjustable handles and zipped pockets. The wheeled version of the duffle provides easy manoeuvrability.

    As is the hallmark of all Samsonite products, Samsonite duffle bags provide the perfect mix of style, comfort and functionality. The bags are crafted in modern colours and designs to suit all travel needs. Our collection is sure to stand out amongst the rest, with its attention to detail and promise of quality. Plan your weekend adventure today, and buy Samsonite duffle bags from our official online store – www.bagzone.com.