Samsonite FAQs
  • Product related
  • a. What is the benefit of owning a Spinner luggage over an Upright?
    Uprights are great if the bag is not filled with heavy items. They are easier to drag on uneven surfaces than spinners, which are more suitable for plain surfaces. Spinners offer great ease of maneuvering, irrespective of the weight of items packed. They offer unparallel ease when you have multiple bags to carry – a handbag, a laptop bag etc.

    b. What is a TSA lock? How is it beneficial for me?
    TSA is an American security agency which monitors the safety of travelers to and from the US. When you check in a bag at the airport, a TSA Agent screens the luggage at the loading area. If they feel any suspicion about the contents in your bag, they will physically open and check it.

    c. How important are Travel Accessories?
    Never undermine the need for good travel accessories. They offer great convenience while traveling. Traveling to US would require you to carry a check-in bag with TSA. If you don’t have one, purchase a separate TSA lock. Locks and luggage straps offer added security to your belongings so that you can travel care free. Waist pouches and neck pouches are helpful in keeping cash, tickets and passports safe and inconspicuous. Comfort accessories like travel pillows are a must-have for any long haul journey. World- wide travel adaptors also come in handy especially if you are traveling for business

    d. How do I reset combination on the lock provided with my suitcase?

    e. What is Curv ®? What are the benefits of owning one?
    Curv® is created by heating and compressing different layers of woven polypropylene fabric to form incredibly strong and light sheets which are then carefully moulded to form the outer shells of the luggage. Curv material is known for its high energy absorption, lightweight qualities and outstanding shock impact performance. That's why Curv is also used in sporting equipment where speed and lightness are essential such as ice hockey skates, soccer shin guard protection, surf boards and kite boards.

    f. What is the difference between PP/PC/ABS/ Curv®?
    These are different types of plastic polymers used to manufacture Hard-side luggage. PP luggage is principally made out polypropylene beans. It makes the luggage slightly heavier, but is one of the sturdiest forms of Hard-side luggage. ABS is a form of polymer plastic used to make luggage. It is usually lighter than PP but is believed to be less sturdy than PP luggage. PC luggage is made out of Poly Carbonate beans and is usually lighter than PP & ABS. It is one of the most broadly used polymer type for Hard-side luggage currently. Curv® is a patented technology exclusively made for Samsonite in the luggage arena, by Propex that involves a process to interweave PP polymer beans in a way so as to make luggage shells that are not only flexible & light but also unbreakable.

    g. What is the difference between Polyester & Nylon?
    Polyester and Nylon are two different type of synthetic fibers used for manufacturing Soft-side luggage. Both fabrics have their own share of unique qualities, making them highly used in the luggage arena. However, polyester is considered less durable, less water resistant and heavier. On the other hand, Nylon is considered to be more durable, water resistant and lighter.

    h. What is the cabin baggage allowance?
    Airline Baggage Specification

    i. What is check point friendly? Is my Business bag check point friendly?
    Check point friendly is a feature provided in some of Samsonite’s business collection, wherein, user need not remove his laptop while going through a security check in. This means the bag can be opened completely into two halves, facilitating easy and quicker security checks.

    j. How do you measure the dimensions?
    “Volume measurement”

  • Service & Warranty related
  • a. What is Samsonite’s warranty policy?
    Please visit our Service & Warranty section for detailed information

    b. Where can I have my luggage repaired?
    Kindly visit our Contact us section for detailed information

    c. Is the Worldwide warranty applicable in a country different from where the bag was bought?
    The Samsonite Worldwide Warranty is applicable across the globe in countries mentioned in the warranty card, irrespective of the country of purchase

    d. How can the worldwide warranty be availed?
    The user must produce either the warranty card or the purchase invoice as a proof of date of purchase, along with the defective piece to the nearest Samsonite Store/ authorized service centre. Samsonite reserves the right to repair or replace the piece as necessary.

    e. If the bag is damaged by airline baggage handlers, can it be replaced?
    The Samsonite Worldwide Warranty only covers the bag for manufacturing and/or material defects. Abuse and mishandling of the product are not covered under the warranty. In case of such an event, please take it up with the airlines immediately. However, in case of any accidental damage to the bag Samsonite would be more than willing to do the possible repairs at minimal cost.

    f. Who decides if the warranty is applicable?
    Samsonite’s service and repair executives are adequately trained to evaluate if the warranty is applicable. In case of any grievances, you may lodge your concernat

    g. What is the maximum liability to the company?
    The manufacturer's liability for damages is restricted to the repair/replacement of the defective piece. The liability under the Warranty shall in no event and under no circumstances exceed the price paid by the customer to the company for the goods stated in the invoice.

    h. Can the bag be repaired once the warranty period has lapsed?
    Yes. Contact your nearest Service centre and we will repair your Samsonite bag at a reasonable price. Please visit our Warranty and Service section for detailed information