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    Samsonite proffers you a variety of travel accessories to ease your travel woes and make your life effortless, one of them being the card holder.

    An increasing number of people prefer not to carry cash, opting instead to use credit cards. Most professionals today hold two or more credit cards, bringing us to the growing need of credit card holders. With too many cards to accommodate in a wallet, the credit card holder facilitates easy portability of all your cards. Credit card holders, apart from being functional to use, need to complement the rest of your professional accessories.

    Credit card holders allow you to keep your credit cards organised - Interchangeable labels and separate compartments prevent credit cards from demagnetizing, while keeping all your cards within easy reach.

    You can buy credit card holders online from Samsonite’s online retailer – Here you can find a vast choice of Samsonite credit card cases, in a variety of designs, colours, and styles. Samsonite provides an array of credit card holders that will accommodate your cards easily, fitting into your pocket or bag. Not just a personal accessory, a credit card holder can also be a great gift to present to someone on a special occasion.

    As with wallets, credit card holders are transforming into accessories that are customised in style, design and aesthetics to appeal to both men and women. Credit card holders for men come in supple leather and rich appealing styles.

    Staying true to Samsonite’s innovative design philosophy, Samsonite credit card holders have a one fold compartment with a metal embossed logo on the front lower half of the holder. The credit card holder has slots for up to six cards. As with all Samsonite’s products, the genuine leather used is durable, yet stylish and luxurious, making your credit card holder a truly sought after item.